Experience your travel destination
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Let a private host invite you and experience your destination "with local eyes" - differently , together and concrete.

What is triper

In a nutshell: we are the private host network for travelers from all over the world.

With us you have the opportunity yet to experience something special in addition to the usual sights – whether Cape Town, Istanbul, Stockholm, Rome, Hamburg, Barcelona and other cities – here on triper you will find your local private host who is happy to share his free time for a few hours with you.

Worldwide and everywhere.

Just register for free and find your potential host among the many invitations and meet for jogging in Hyde Park, American football in San Francisco or for a “cafe au lait” in Paris – uncomplicated and easy.

Use triper for your authentic and real experience, which makes your trip unforgettable. Anytime and worldwide.

Real and lived hospitality is the magic word of our community.

Take a look at the bottom list of current invitations.

Actual invitations from our community

If you find an invitation below from a host at your destination that you like, just click on the invitation and request your participation – that’s how easy triper works and makes every trip special.

Please be so kind to obey the different rules of traveling in all countries due the corona pandemic: Check here for info

December 2021
February 2022

Golf in Marbellanew triper hoststriper hosts

I play golf sometimes in Marbella - my club allows ...
04 Feb
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Near downtown Marbella
Marbella, Spanien
No event found!

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Experience country, people and culture originally – triper makes it possible

Experience a sociable BBQ among friends in a private atmosphere, be on the guest list of a local music band that meets your musical taste or spontaneously go together with your host to a lecture where there are still tickets available.

This and much more is possible. There are no limits to the creativity of the invitations and leave nothing to be desired.

To be part of it, you only have to request an invitation and wait for the confirmation of the host. Now you still have to agree on the concrete meeting place and nothing stands in the way of the meeting…absolutely free of charge.

We are the community where strangers become true friends.

Become the next ambassador of your city and region

As a host you are the ambassador of your city, the individual figurehead of your region and it gives you great pleasure to share your individual world with travelers for a few hours.
By showing and integrating your guest your personal favorite places and spots in addition to the touristic hodgepodge, you promote real intercultural exchange and enable your guest to have an extraordinary travel experience.
“Sharing is caring” is your motto and is hospitality in action. It is the everyday things that make every encounter special and you are the magic and make the difference in your city and region for your guest.
We know your hospitality and love for socializing makes the difference for the individual and therefore for all users in the community, where you are the host today and the traveler tomorrow in an active community itself.
We are looking forward to you.

Our community travel blogs

These are the blogs that have all been written by our users (traveler and hosts).
Benefit from the experiences of others and broaden your perspective on
life in other cities and countries.


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Voices out of the community

Since I am generally an inquisitive person and like to look at my holiday destination individually, I have now found a great way to plan this with triper.

The more people join in, the easier and more cosmopolitan triper will be for all traveler.

Anyway, I use triper more often.
Cima (51)

Hamburg / Germany

As a German-speaking host of my city Bremen I was already allowed to show some German tourists my favourite places and thus contribute to a better understanding between the different cultures. Wonderful friendships have developed along the way.

So far it has always been a wonderful fit.

Just the way I like it – everything completely relaxed, without obligation and yet concrete.
Krischan (48)

Bremen / Germany

II am always happy to meet one or the other traveller in my home town Monterrey via triper. Among other things I showed guests from Canada my city with the many great restaurants, where we drank our real tequila. It was simply wonderful. Mucho Fiesta.

Thanks to triper I will make a return visit to Vancouver in Canada this year.

I’m glad there’s triper. That’s a great idea.
Yvonne (39)

Saltillo / Mexico

Our core values

We at triper stand for values like tolerance, diversity, openness and intercultural exchange, which we demand and promote.

In these times of sometimes worldwide crises, lived hospitality and genuine communication have become more important than ever and are therefore the most important building blocks of the triper idea.

We at triper would like to contribute to the fact that international understanding, completely independent of gender, age, religion, skin colour, social background and nation, is once again an asset in tourism and is lived more actively.

It is our vision to bring people closer in real life again on the basis of tolerance and openness.

ll participants (users, employees and colleagues) without exception are committed to this at triper. Promise!

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