What I would do as a local in my hometown by Dag Johannson

On a breezy summer day, it’s not unusual to see Stockholm, Sweden’s picturesque cobblestone streets brought to life. Tourists and locals from across the city often intermingle, share stories, and become friends. As someone who was born and raised here, I have seen countless times how friendly and welcoming our people are to anyone from everywhere.

On an average day, my family will often spend the day roaming the streets and catching up with our neighbours and friends. The stressful hustle and bustle of other cities don’t fit well here in Stockholm. It may feel like you’re stepping into the past, but we’ve got so much to offer and innovation thrives here in Stockholm. 

I might be biased, but I honestly believe that a European trip isn’t complete without an immersion experience in the rich culture and history that Stockholm has to offer. I mean, we have everything you could dream of and more. A camera is a must to truly capture the incredible sunset over the Medieval stone buildings of Old Town and Gamla Stan. Trust me, I still catch my breath every time and I’ve lived here my entire life.

Although we love it when our visitors know a few Swedish phrases, most of us speak English fairly well and are happy to let you know our favourite spots to see. Business or pleasure, young or old, your experience here will be like nothing else. If you’re looking for a few different things to do while here, I’ve got a few recommendations. 

Our Vasa Museum was actually built around a 17th-century warship that sunk in the middle of Stockholm and wasn’t recovered until 300 years later (in almost perfect condition). That’s proof right there the incredible and lush history of our city and country. 

If you’re interested in simply spending a peaceful visit in Sweden without being surrounded by other tourists in the “hot spots” of Stockholm, there are so many tiny places that symbolize the true beauty of my city. From the coffee, hotels, and hidden fashion gems, you can explore alone and gaining the experience that I treasure every day.

Skyline Stockholm

Never thought you could enjoy some of the world’s best vodka while sitting at a bar made of ice in the middle of summer? Your time had come. The ICEBAR, located in the busy Nordic C neighbourhood is open year-round and serves families and people of all walks of life in their arctic themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks (in ice glasses too!). 

At night, the streets become the key place to be for nightlife in Stockholm. We’ve got some of the quirkiest bars and infectious music to dance the night away to. Stockholms club scene is amazing regardless of your music interests or demographics. Think our parties are just at night? If you’re here in the warmer months, the parties start in the afternoon and hopefully you brought comfortable shoes because you’ll be dancing in the streets until the wee hours of the morning. 

I personally love Trädgården by Skanstull which becomes Under Bron during the fall and winter months. Although technically not actually ‘Under Bridge,’ this two-story house becomes an active, fabulous dance floor with well-known DJs and techno that can be heard until even 5 am in the morning. If you prefer something more slow-paced where you can sit and enjoy time with your friends and fellow travellers, enjoy a few drinks on the huge patio of Slakthuset, which is actually a former slaughterhouse. Can you slaughter that dance floor? (Just a little joke for you before I head out). 

Before you begin to explore this spectacular city, remember to cherish every little detail of every building. Don’t be afraid to try our food. Even the smallest of hidden restaurants can serve up some of the biggest pallets of taste like you’ve never had before – and our desserts are to die for! We’ve got something to see on every corner, so don’t expect to walk through Stockholm in a day because it’s definitely not enough time.

Take a look at how we can maximize your Stockholm, Sweden travelling experience here and get in contact with a local thru an app before. Its soo easy to explore my city differently.

Dag Johansson

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