FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

triper ist das soziale Netzwerk für Reisende und Gastgeber aus aller Welt und aktiviert den Wunsch, wieder mehr Land, Kultur und Leute kennenlernen zu wollen.  Hier werden Fremde zu Freunden bestenfalls.

As a registered user, you can view all invitations from all hosts. You can also filter them by location, content, duration and your other preferences.

After you have "requested" one of the invitations, the host will receive a notification of your (friendship) request. With confirmation of this friend request from the host, you can then directly and concretely exchange in terms of meeting place and time.

Nothing stands in the way of a shared experience.

But one thing is triper - we are a community for travelers, which can also offer you additional sources of information about many destinations of this world, which are brought in by our travel bloggers from time to time.

All this goes without saying once you have registered - because then you can simply fill out the form to create an invitation.

And off you go.

Yes, of course this is possible at any time and the already invited travelers are then informed by the system about the cancellation. Something like this can and will happen from time to time - that's life.

Then simply try to find another invitation for you at short notice.

An adapted "mobile application" already exists for all smartphones (Android/Ios), which also works well optimized.

We are still thinking about a separate app.

The triper service generally remains free of charge. Any additional features are subject to a fee, but will also be marked as such.

Any joint costs for joint activities such as bowling, museum visits, cooking will usually be clarified in advance among the participants. Or you can bring your host a great gift. As I said, this is up to you alone.

triper has no influence on this at any time.

This is a legitimate and frequent question.

Besides the classic advertising on our website, we have 2 larger features (triper Lounge and triper Book) that are chargeable. On top of that, at a later stage, there will be an online store that will allow you to send a gift to your host as a "thank you" afterwards.

The greatest merit, however, is if we manage together, especially in times of Corona, to come together again as a community of values, where the genuine and original interest in the country, its people and culture is revived while traveling.

Because that is the vision of triper.