How triper works

How triper works…

Billions of people from all over the world travel around the world every year.

They are package tours, city breaks and/or business trips.

triper now offers you as a traveler the additional possibility to see the vacation destination from the point of view of a local host who lets you participate in his everyday life in his neighborhood.

This makes it a special intercultural exchange and an extraordinary experience for all involved.

triper for the traveler:
The host invites you through a detailed invitation to a special experience and an individual activity in which you can participate.

After a targeted search, the invitations are listed by different activities and of course by destination.Now you have to express your wish with a participant request on the invitation, which the host only has to confirm.

After the confirmation you can contact each other and nothing stands in the way of your concrete meeting.
Whether spontaneous or planned in advance, triper is uncomplicated for everyone. Try it out – it’s easy and completely free of charge.

triper for the host:
Especially in and after times of Corona you can contribute as a local and cosmopolitan host to revive intercultural exchange and common understanding.

With your work and the joy of social contact, you bring the world a little closer together again by integrating travelers and guests into your normal everyday life.

Hospitality is part of your joy of life, which contributes to a better understanding of the country, its people and culture.

Possible everyday scenarios of your invitations:
* Jogging together in your favorite park
* Summer party with BBQ among like-minded people
* Visiting a flea market/weekly market in your region
* You are a musician and put your guest on the guest list for your concert
* Go to a book lecture/seminar of your favorite author together
* Attend a soccer game of your favorite team with your guest
* There are no limits to your creativity….

The appreciation and recognition of the constantly growing community is guaranteed and the shared experiences are priceless.

Become a cosmopolitan ambassador of your city and region.
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