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A travel year is past again and at the same time now the planning for the next year is considered.
And our triper Book will support you therefor. Informative and inspiring.


In the annual review of the past travel year, we highlight the most interesting comments, most popular blogs and the numerous actions of our “partners/friends” with a lot of additional input.

All insights, tips and new views are edited by our staff, but also by our bloggers and appear in the yearbook “triper Book”.

Just let yourself be inspired by the many impressions and reports of many users from the community for your future trip.

At the same time you can find your suitable contact person in the triper Book, who will certainly offer you great extras and possible discounts for your next trip from the world of tourism.

On top of that, each “triper Book” is a collector’s item for those who would like to be reminded of their past travels, because they are mentioned with a photo or comment, among other things.

So many possibilities and interesting things bundled in one yearbook.


* Great reviews
Great reviews of the last year and at the same time it serves as inspiration for your trip next year.

* Many discounts, goodies and vouchers
Many specials are inside of the book 
for your next destination and save a lot of money for your travel budget.

Take part in the raffle

Win a flight for 2 persons including hotel and transfer (1 week), provided by our advertising partners.

* Collector´s Item

The triper book is also a collector’s item or serves as a gift for your friends

* “triper travel Blogger Award”
Win as active travel blogger the “triper blogger award of each year” on a special event with a lot media attention. 


Now simply pre-order your first edition by email for
Euro 39,- (incl. VAT) and pay later. 

Pre-order here